Activated Carbon Panel Filters


Jarvis is one of the leading manufacturer of Activated carbon panel filters. We are based in Gurugram and we provide Filtration Solutions to the various industries for the demanding application of air, gas and liquid filtration. 

Activated Carbon Panel Filter Product features:

  • The granule activated carbon which is made from coconut shell and is impregnated with metallic oxides
  • High capacity for the elimination of gases and acid vapors present in air, such as acetic, mercaptans, sulfur dioxide and sulfuric, nitric, hydrochloric, phosphoric acids, etc
  • Strong PVC plastic honeycomb, high activated carbon holding capacity
  • Good appearance, convenient installation, easy maintenance, high activated carbon

Activated Carbon Panel Filter

Media: Coconut shell activated carbon granule / Cylindrical coal base activated carbon granule
Frame: Aluminum / GI / SUS
Separator: Plastic honeycomb
Thickness: 10~50 mm
Max Temperature: 70℃
Max Humidity: 100%


We have extensive product line for air filtration industry, more than 100 products have been put into mass production so far. From initial efficiency, disposable filter to high efficiency, high temperature resistance filter. No matter how tough outside environment you are facing, we can return you a fresh, clean and healthy air.

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Jarvis is one of the leading manufacturer of Air Filters (HEPA/Panel/Pleated/Carbon), Process Filters & Cartridges and Industrial Filters.