Panel Filters

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Jarvis wide range of product lines includes high performance filtration solutions for multiple industries like pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, construction, automotive, food and beverage, oil and gas, water filteration, hopstials and more. 


Panel air filters are installed in HVAC systems to remove contaminants from the air stream. They help improve indoor air quality and prevent the contaminants from building up in the equipment and damaging it. These filters are typically less than 6″ deep and provide low to moderate levels of filtration. They can be used as pre-filters, they protect the more expensive final filters downstream from large particles, which extends the life of the final filters. Panel air filters are commonly used in office buildings, schools, universities, and work areas where surface finishing is performed.

Our Products

Panel Filter - Washable

Efficiency: G1/G2/G3/ G4
Media: Synthetic fiber
Frame: Aluminum/GI
Face guard: Square mesh/ Grid mesh/Sprayed metal net
Thickness: 10/17/21/25 mm

Metal mesh Panel Filter

Media: Aluminum wave / Stainless steel wave
Frame: Aluminum / GI / SUS
Face guard: Square mesh / Grid mesh / SUS mesh
Thickness: 10~50 mm

Nylon Air Filter

Media: Black nylon net
Frame: Aluminum / GI / SUS
Face guard: Square mesh / Grid mesh / SUS mesh
Optional thickness: 10~50 mm
Max Temperature: 80℃

Carbon Panel Filter

Media: Coconut shell activated carbon granule / Cylindrical coal base activated carbon granule
Frame: Aluminum / GI / SUS
Separator: Plastic honeycomb
Thickness: 10~50 mm

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and ultra-low penetration air (ULPA) filters prevent nearly all airborne contaminants from entering or leaving critical spaces. HEPA filters remove a minimum of 99.97% @ 0.3 micron particles from airstreams, while ULPA filters remove at least 99.999% @ 0.12 micron particles from the air. Filters are installed where the maximum of air cleanliness is demanded. They are needed on the air intake side for the separation of suspended matters (viruses, germs, toxic types of dust, aerosols). We have different versions and dimensions available, whereby the filter media is always high-quality, high efficiency and super homogeneous glass fibre paper with different degrees of separation.

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