Mini Pleat Filter (HEPA /ULPA)

Mini-pleat Filter (HEPA /ULPA)

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Mini-pleat Filter (HEPA /ULPA)(Medium/Sub-HEPA)

Efficiency: H13 / H14 / U15 / U16 / U17
Sealant: Pu two-component polyurethane glue
Frame : Aluminium/GI/SUS/MDF
Media: Micro Glass Fiber 
Max Temperature: 70℃
Max Humidity: 100%

Product Feature 

Low resistance
Low run cost
Light weight, convenient installation and replacement
Long life-span
100% factory inspection
Good sealing
Super high efficiency

Application – HEPA filter: It widely used to the terminal filtration of the clean room. ULPA filter: Work zone where require demanding clean class, like hospital operation room, laboratory, pharmaceutical room, electronics, optical fiber equipment and food processing factory etc.